About Me

About Me

Earnest passion for politics and journalism. My family's passion for politics runs deep. Grandmother worked door-to-door campaigning for Ronald Reagan's California Gubernatorial Race in 1966. That same passion exists in me now. It has ignited my political and journalistic aspirations. Getting the story from every possible angle, learning the truth, and delivering it to the people. Fair reporting requires setting aside political ideology and personal feelings; the truth is the most essential component of journalism.
The truth is a shield for journalists to combat attacks on their rights to free speech and to inform the people. The truth is sorely lacking in mainstream news media. I want to be a catalyst for change. Without bias, uncovering facts, finding new information and telling the story the way it deserves to be told. I believe fact finding is another element of journalism that many in mainstream news often overlook. It is important to find a narrative that fits the facts rather than facts to fit a pre-conceived narrative.
Journalism is storytelling, but we must be steadfast in finding all the facts before we begin to form the story. A single fact can change the dynamic of a story, as we see constantly in the Legacy Media. Video journalism is my calling, and I will work as hard as it takes to obtain my goals. My passion for politics and journalism, for storytelling and truth seeking, and a burning desire to constantly improve my skillset is what will keep me excited about going to work for the next 40 years. Wherever I end up, I will always strive to speak truth to power, never compromising my principles, and working ethically in order to inform, advise, and be a trustworthy voice for the American people.

Christopher L. Cella Jr.

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My Mission

I will go the extra mile as a reporter because I love doing it and I have gotten very competent over the past 4 years with the combination of my podcast and the skills I have acquired at Liberty University.

My Vision

My skill set will benefit future employers as I have the knowledge to edit, the skill to report, anchor, and research, and the mindset to keep pushing and get to the heart of the issue.

My Values

Constantly striving to be the best version of myself in my job and in life. I aspire to be a caring and passionate individual every day. Most importantly I value God, country, family and life.

My Bio

  • I am a dedicated husband, son, brother, and friend.
  • MMJ/Backpack Journalist – I shoot, interview, report, and edit packages on my own.    
  • I am adept at on-camera reporting, and I am receiving my BS in Digital Media & Journalism with a focus on On-Camera Performance.  
  • Adept in Adobe Suite – Video Editing, Audio Editing, After Effects, and More
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office and Google Suite
  • Deep understanding of Ecamm Live, OBS, and other streaming software
  • Podcast Host – Reached nearly 40,000 subscribers, interviewed political activists such as Roger Stone and Milo Yiannopoulos, Independent Journalist Ford Fischer, candidates for office, and more.
  • Skilled in print journalism – Nationally published work
  • Rebranding my print news website with a team of writers (featured in Forbes Magazine) called Town Square News (website coming soon!)
  • Activism – Featured in multiple articles standing up to mob mentality
  • Knowledge of what it takes to produce live news
  • Understanding of control room and some skill with Technical Directing
  • Knowledge and understanding of the AP Wire
  • Proficient in Associated Press Style
  • Investigative – Know where to look to find information that would otherwise be hidden or hard to find.
  • Truthseeker – Willing to speak truth to power regardless of who is the story’s focus. I check my political affiliation at the door and report honestly, fairly, and accurately to the absolute best of my ability.