About Me

I have been interested in politics and media since I was a young boy. I am a quick study, hard worker who is dedicated to presenting the news honestly, particularly in the era in which we live. I have proficiency in Adobe Premiere, Audition, Microsoft Office, and more! I ran my own podcast for three years, which included research, scriptwriting, teleprompter use, and on-camera performance. During that time, I interviewed multiple candidates for office, political activists, historians, and more. I am not afraid to go into uncomfortable situations as a journalist and seek out answers.

I have written articles that have been published in state and national publications. I have also been featured in the news articles for my activism. I do my best to check my bias at the door and report as fairly and accurately as possible.

Christopher L. Cella Jr.

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My Mission

I will go the extra mile as a reporter because I love doing it and I have gotten very competent over the past 4 years with the combination of my podcast with the skills I have acquired at Liberty University.

My Vision

My skill set will benefit future employers as I have the knowledge to edit, the skill to report, anchor, and research, and the mindset to keep pushing and get to the heart of the issue.

My Values

Constantly striving to be the best version of myself in my job and in life. I aspire to be a caring and passionate individual every day. Most importantly I value God, country, family and life.

" I am building my own print media site to combat some of the dishonesty emanating from Legacy Media."